Welcome to the Club Penguin Puffle Page by Oinky13. Questions? Suggestions? Comment!

Puffles: Cute little furry creatures you can adopt and care for in Clubpenguin. They can be found in the Puffle shop at the Plaza. You can buy them, and once you do they go to your igloo. One puffle is 800 coins. For members, you can buy up to 14 puffles. For nonmembers, only 2 puffles can be bought. Puffles come in different colors:

Blue puffle Attitude: Mild-Tempered, content, loyal.
Favorite toy: Ball
Special Features: Easy to take care of. Can be bought buy members and nonmembers
Rareness: old

Red puffle Attitude: Adventurous, Enthusiastic
Favorite toy: Bowling Pins, Canyon
Special Features:
Originally from Rockhoppper island. Can be bought buy members and nonmembers.
Rareness: old

Green Puffle Attitude: Energetic, Playful
Favorite Toy: Unicycle, Propeller hat
Special Features: Likes to clown around. Available for members only
Rareness: normal

Purple Puffle- Attitude: Usually happy
Favorite toy: Bubble wand, disco ball
Special Features: Loves to dance, finicky eater. Available for members only.
Rareness: normal


Pink Puffle- Attitude: Active, Cherry
Favorite toy: Jump Rope, trampoline
Special Features:
Loves to excercise. Available for members only.
Rareness: normal

Black Puffle- Attitude: Strong, Silent type
Favorite Toy: Skateboard
Special Features: Sometimes energetic. Available for members only.
Rareness: normal

Yellow Puffle Attitude: Artistic, spontaneous
Favorite Toy: Paintbrush, easel
Special Features: Very Creative, dreamer. Available for members only
Rareness: normal

White Puffle- Attitude: gentle, strong
Favorite toy: skate
Special Features: can turn anything to ice with one breath. Available for members only.
Rareness: new

Orange Puffle- Attitude: zany, curious

Favorite toys: Box, Wagon

Cool Fact: sleeps very deeply. Available for members only.

Rareness: Brand New

Puffle Player Card + Mood of Puffle

Each puffle has a player card. This player card determines the mood of the puffle. To make the it perfectly happy, you must have it’s energy, health, and rest bars up high. When a bar is up high, that means it has enough of that paticular bar. So lets say, a puffle’s health bar is up high. That means it has a lot of health at the moment. But if it’s rest bar is down low, that means it need a lot of rest. When the puffle’s bars are all low for a long time, the puffle might run away. Also on the player card, it lets you have the option to feed the puffle, give it a bath, walk it, play with it, and put it to sleep. Also, if you click on feed a puffle, you will be able to give your puffle gum and cookie. Here are the things that bring up a certain bar.

  • Feed puffle- Energy goes up
  • Put puffle to sleep- Rest goes up
  • Play with puffle- Health goes up
  • Walk your puffle- Health goes up
  • Walk your puffle- Energy goes down
  • Walk your puffle- Rest goes down
  • Feed your puffle-Health goes up
  • Put puffle to sleep- Health goes down
  • Give puffle a bath- Health goes up
  • Give puffle a bath- Rest goes up
  • Give puffle a cookie- Health goes down
  • Give puffle gum- Health goes down


  • There is a rumor about the orange puffle. Obviously this is not true. But I bet Clubpenguin will make an orange puffle in a year or so. Lollypop20 was right, the orange puffle was released.
  • There is a rumor about the rainbow puffle. I know this isn’t true. And I can’t see Clubpenguin making a rainbow puffle.
  • When your puffle runs away, you get 15 minutes to go find it in Clubpenguin. It could be anywhere in CP. This happened to me. But I couldn’t find the puffle. There is no proof this is true, but you can try it yourself.
  • There is a puffle island where all puffles live. Of course this is false, because Clubpenguin makes puffles and we can find them in puffle round up. This is the silliest rumor I have ever heard.

Puffle Furniture- You can go to the puffle shop to buy furniture, toys, and little beds for your pets.

  • Large scratching post- 250 coins
  • Small scratching post- 150 coins
  • Scratch tower- 350 coins.
  • Puffle tree- 220 coins
  • Puffle condo- 280 coins
  • Puffle houses- 500 coins. These houses come in different colors for different puffles.
  • Puffle beds- 250 coins. These beds come in different colors for different puffles.
  • Water dish- 50 coins.
  • Double water dish- 80 coins
  • Water bottle- 50 coins

More puffle tips-

  • When you are playing Clubpenguin, such as playing games, talking to friends, shopping, ect., always remember to check on your puffle. There bars get less and less when your not taking care of them.
  • When your not online, don’t worry, your puffles bars will stay the same.
  • Blue puffles and red puffles are the least sensitive ones, so they are easier to take care of.
  • Black puffles are very sensitive, they constantly need to be taken care of and they need a lot of attention.
  • If you put puffle furniture in your igloo, your puffle will play with them.


9 Responses to “Puffle tips”

  1. 1 Hammy2011
    April 4, 2009 at 12:19 pm

    Puffles do NOT live on an island. They live in the Wilderness of club penguin. See for yourself it’s on the two missions:

    Questions for a crab (you find a black puffle in the wild)

    G’s secret mission (you get lost in the wild and you find puffles and you find a black puffle like on Questions for a crab)

    Lollypop20: Your right but the red puffles are from rockhopper island

  2. 2 CUB998
    September 1, 2009 at 1:09 am

    I want to know is there any way to give up your puffles?
    Oinky13: Thanks for commenting, but sadly, you can’t give up your puffles, you would have to starve them until they run away.

  3. 3 ik234j23344
    September 25, 2009 at 6:02 pm

    how do you make your puffles run away i tride but they wont run away i geuss they love me but i will keep trying i want my puffles to run away because they take my coins away when i feed them and when i bathe them.

    Oinky13: You just have to ignore them. Don’t even click on them and just wait a week or 2, they will be gone.

  4. January 22, 2010 at 1:17 am

    Hi puffles,
    How are you today? I think you are very fun.
    I love playing with all my puffles. I have the black, white, pink, red, purple, green, yellow and blue puffles. I also have the bedtime penguin, frankenstien penguin, octopus penguin, hockey penguin and elf/reindeer penguin. I spend alot of time playing with my penguins and puffles. I also sleep with my puffles and penguins. They don’t snore.

  5. March 7, 2010 at 2:13 pm

    The puffle is cool

  6. September 7, 2010 at 5:00 pm

    hi oinky13 and lollypop20! awesome site! you should check out mine…. it’s really cool! i have videos i found on youtube of clubpenguin, and thats preety much it… my pengiun name is miley4477.. and i hope to see you in clubpenguin maybe you should comment and sign the guestbook on my site to tell me what surver your on… and my igloo has nothing in it because my membership ran out in july and my mom won’t pay for it and she says i have to save up for stuff because today was the first day of school and im in grade 5… i used to have 12 puffles of my own at one point… i love them… poor pumpkin my orange puffle… he ran away… oh well… i guess i’ll see another orange puffle and name it pumpkn the 2nd. oh and i will check my site every day at 4 o’clock from tommorrow till… say.. sunday? this week? ok.bye! and….

    ROCK ON CP PUFFLES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oinky13: No one who works on this site plays Club Penguin, but we appreciate that you like our site.

  7. 8 lopez
    September 22, 2010 at 5:57 pm

    i love club penguin i go on it every day and the puffles sre sooooo cute i wish they were real cuz i would buy soooo many of them

  8. November 4, 2010 at 2:10 pm

    puffles are soooo cute, but my membership ran out in september

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